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Photos of your Costa Rica Surf Trip

Everyone wants photos of their Costa Rica Surf Vacations so they never forget the great time they had surfing in Costa Rica. Towards the end of your surf vacation after you start catching nice waves, we will take digital photos of you surfing and put them on a high quality CD. The CD will remind you of the fantastic time you have surfing in Costa Rica. These photos will help to show you certain aspects of your surfing and also provide awesome memories. The best ones go onto our web site.

Making It More Than Just a Memory!

As you finally stand up and actually ride a wave, our cameraman will be right there with a telephoto lens to capture your amazing accomplishment. Not many people can honestly say that they have ever ridden a wave, and now you can have photographic proof! Proof you can share with your family and friends!

YOU WILL NEVER CATCH YOUR FIRST WAVE AGAIN! Do not miss this amazing opportunity to capture this amazing memory!

FAQ's About Our Photography Package

What kind of still photos can I expect?
Excellent photos..... our cameraperson shoots on a high resolution digital SLR, so there won't be any of the shutter delay that your friend's camera probably has.

Can the cameraperson shoot more than one person? Of course, and hopefully, there will be some shots of you together. However, the pricing is per surfer.

$65.00 per Guest - one Photos Session

Photos are available for the Surf Camp Only

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